Born in the 90’s, they grew up listening to great influential rock and pop bands such as The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and Vampire Weekend, among many others… Being just slightly over their 20’s, 5 friends from Barcelona got together in a warm summer afternoon in a bar in Barcelona, their hometown, to form an alternative rock band.


From their very start in college parties, Barbott members got together and recorded their first EP “Margarita ” (2013).

During recent years, they’ve been developing their own vision of indie rock, coming up with a refreshing sound, combining powerful and catchy guitar riffs and choruses that flow through both obscure and luminous. We could see them during 2013 and 2014 in renowned concert halls in Barcelona, until they got together in the studio once more in order to record their second EP “Games For Two” (2014).
Shortly after supporting the Drums in Razzmatazz and Sala Arena in Madrid, Barbott started being referred to as one of the greatest emerging bands in the national music panorama with a promising future.

By the ending of 2016 they recorded their first LP “Curves” (2016) under the name of their label, La Cupula Music. On July 22, Spotify released in exclusive “Curves”. Their single, “Cream”, obtained 150k reproductions in less than a month, making them one of the most interesting bands in the indie panorama.


Actually they have released their new single called “The Times”(2018).